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Home > Decals / Stickers > Patriotic / Military > American Flag Reverse Retroflective Extra Large 3M Decal 3"x 5 7/8"

American Flag Reverse Retroflective Extra Large 3M Decal 3"x 5 7/8"

American Flag Reverse Retroflective Extra Large 3M Decal  3"x 5 7/8"
Item Code: AmericanFlagReverseRetroDecalXLg

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This extra large reverse Retroflective American flag decal is a perfect companion to your regular Retroflective flag decal. Ideally, you'll want to position the reverse decal on the passenger's side of the vehicle and the regular one on the driver's side. That way, when you're driving it looks like the flag is being blown in the wind. Not only does this method of displaying the flag show you know what you're doing, it also shows the proper respect for the flag.

While a reverse USA flag magnet might look a little strange by itself, they are essential for correctly displaying the flag on a moving vehicle. The general rule is that on a moving vehicle, the field of stars should always be displayed towards the front of the vehicle. That way, when you start to move, it appears as if the flag is blowing in the wind as the vehicle moves. This is because flags are always attached to a flag pole on the blue star field side. If the flag were not reversed in this manner, it appears that the vehicle should be moving backward or retreating.

This reverse reflective American Flag decal is great for adding a personalized and patriotic touch to your car. Each decal features brilliant retroflection using the same technology and durable 3M material found in road signs. Retroflection is the brilliant flashback you get when light strikes the tiny reflectors contained in this patriotic decal. This Retroflective material features over 45,000 micro reflectors in each square inch (6 cm2) of material. In addition, the adhesive on these decals is vandal-proof and designed to withstand car washes and other abuses that come with daily life so that your American flag will continue to show it's true colors for years to come.

American Flag Reverse Retroflective Extra Large 3M Decal Specifics

  • Measures 3"x 5 7/8"
  • Features Retroflective 3M technology for brilliant shine
  • UV treated to prevent fading.
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