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We take pride in providing high quality Awareness Products to help you promote awareness of your cause or campaign. We have products for popular causes, such as Aids and Autism, but also for less popular causes that need awareness raised just as much - such as Child Abuse and natural disasters. If you're looking for a specific product or awareness cause that you don't see here, give us a call - we might have what you're looking for - and if not we can help you get it!

Many of our products are perfect for fundraising campaigns or gifts for your awareness group members and we're pleased to offer volume discounts wherever possible. If there's a product that you would like to buy in bulk or larger volumes (say, more than 20 - 50 of the same item) and there's not bulk pricing listed, drop us a line. Our fundraising specialist, Lorraine, will be glad to work with you to make your event or campaign as successful as possible.

We are also proud to have a growing line of every day products that allow you to enjoy daily functionality while keeping your cause and your support at the forefront. From ties to lunch bags to wristbands and briefcases, you can find something that will help you show your support every day.

Child Abuse
Breast Cancer
Natural Disasters
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