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POW/MIA Products

The designer of the POW-MIA flag, Newton Heisley, passed away on May 14th, 2009. FlagsOnCars.com honors this remarkable veteran for his contributions to our nation.

The POW/MIA flag is a wonderful way to honor and remember veterans, especially those who are or have been Prisoners of War or declared Missing in Action. This flag features the silhouette of a gaunt man against the background of barbed wire and a guard tower. Heisley, the designer of this flag, said about it’s design “I used to fly within range of the Japanese and wondered how I would hold up if I ever got captured. When I did the design, I thought how easy it would be to forget those guys.” Reflecting this idea, the words “You are not forgotten” are featured underneath the silhouette image and the initials POW*MIA are across the top.

POW-MIA 3' x 5' One-Ply Printed Flag
Regular price:$12.95
Sale price:$9.95
POW-MIA 3X5 Outdoor 2-Ply Flag
As Low As:$21.95
POW-MIA 3' x 5' Nylon Embroidered 1-Ply Outdoor Flag
Regular price:$26.95
Sale price:$13.50
POW-MIA Mini Flag 11" x 15"
As Low As:$5.75
POW-MIA Car Flag 11" x 15.5"
POW-MIA Car Flag 8" x 13"
Regular price:$8.95
Sale price:$6.00
POW*MIA Magnetic Car Flag
As Low As:$16.50
POW-MIA Antenna Flag
POW- MIA Cycle Flag
POW- MIA Cycle 8" x 13" Flag
POW-MIA Bumper Sticker
As Low As:$2.99
POW-MIA License Plate
POW-MIA Chrome Automobile Emblem
Regular price:$15.95
Sale price:$14.50
POW-MIA Leather Key Tag
As Low As:$3.75
POW-MIA Large Ribbon Magnet 4" x 8"
As Low As:$1.85
POW-MIA Mini Ribbon Magnet 2" x 4"
As Low As:$0.69
POW-MIA Large Ribbon Static Decal 3" x 6"
As Low As:$0.99
POW-MIA Mini Ribbon Static Decal 2" x 4"
As Low As:$0.89
POW-MIA Sticker
As Low As:$2.50
POW-MIA Flag Pin
Regular price:$3.95
Sale price:$1.50
POW-MIA Ribbon Flag  Pin
As Low As:$1.95
POW-MIA Yellow Ribbon Flag  Pin
As Low As:$1.95
POW/MIA Rectangle Patch
As Low As:$1.75
POW/MIA Shield Patch
POW-MIA Bracelet
As Low As:$1.95
POW-MIA Lanyard Clip
As Low As:$2.95
POW-MIA Sterling Silver Charm
Regular price:$24.95
Sale price:$21.95
POW-MIA Money Clip
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