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Car Flag USA 11" x 15.5"

Car Flag USA 11" x 15.5"
Item Code: carflagUSA11X15

Price: $12.95
Availability: In Stock
Our classic USA Car Flag is the one that made us famous! It is the best selling car flag that we offer. It continues to be a favorite year in and year out because of it's durability and quality construction. We know there are other options for car flags out there, don't be fooled! This is the toughest, most durable one on the market and designed to last.

There are so many reasons to fly a USA Car Flag, it really is a great addition to any car's style. If you have a classic car, these are perfect for rallies, car shows, meet ups and events. Even for auctions! They catch the eye and inspire patriotism. Fly one for a family member serving in the armed services, for patriotic holidays, for civic events or use them in parades. Better yet, the durability of our designs means that you can use your flag at all of the above without worrying!

Each of our USA car flags is made in our high-quality car flag design that we call the "Rolls Royce" treatment. We start with high-quality, premium 120 knitted polyester. Then, we double it up for a two-sized look and double-strength durability. Next, we stitch both sides together with a double lock stitch and overlapped seams. This stitching is the real key- it's not confined to the edges, but every seam throughout is made this way. We even take it a step further on all the flying edges though, reinforcing and using a quadruple lock stitch on the upper and lower edges and corners. Finally we pair it with our 20 inch pole its our own design and its virtually unbreakable staff with a removable knob on the top. Car flag can be easily removed from pole to be cleaned.

All of our USA car flags are proudly made in the USA. We do this because we believe in supporting our country's economy, of course, but also because we've found that it increases the quality of the product. It allows us to ensure that all our quality standards are lived up to, and we've found that Americans have more pride in making these USA car flags because their patriotism shows in their work. The flags are made of a shiny polyester knit blend that withstands all kinds of weather. However, nothing is permanent...but they do last a long time. These flags are made in the USA. They make great gifts.

We're glad to be able to provide our USA car flags in two sizes, compact and standard. This listing is for our standard sized flag, which measures 11" x 15.5". If you have a smaller car or would simply like a smaller flag size, check out our Compact USA Car Flag listing for more information and to order.

Standard Size USA Car Flag Specifics

  • Flag size: 11" x 15.5".
  • Double-needle lock-stitched lapped-seams throughout for durability.
  • Upper and lower fly length edges reinforced and secured with four-needle lock stitched for all around durability
  • Virtually unbreakable 20" plastic pole.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
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