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Cycle Flag Heavy Duty

Cycle Flag Heavy Duty
Item Code: cycleflaghvyduty

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Our Heavy Duty USA Motorcycle Flags are perfect for your motorcycle, designed for durability, they're an ideal way to show your patriotism no matter what you ride. These motorcycle flags are a great addition for fundraiser rides, especially on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, or to show your patriotism any time. Each of these flags features the traditional USA Stars and Stripes flag design, made especially for our bikes! It doesn't matter if you ride a Harley or a Yamaha, or anything in between, we're all Americans together - let's show our pride and let them know we're the heart and soul of this great nation!

Each flag measures 11 inches by 15.5 inches wide, the perfect size for showing your spirit without creating an unreasonable amount of drag and noise. While no free-flying flag will be noise and resistance free, these are large enough to be seen and small enough to still be quiet. If you'd prefer something that doesn't flap, check out our emblems and decals - they're a great way to show your pride if the flapping drives you crazy at higher speeds. In addition, each of our motorcycle flags is double sided and made from high-quality polyester as well as being securely stitched, making sure it stays in tact even after hours of riding in the sun and elements.

Our heavy-duty motorcycle flags attach to your bike with 5 secure tie-wraps that thread through the ready-made holes on the base of the pole. That way, you can choose how and where on your bike you want to secure the flag. We strongly recommend that you attach it to the back. That way, if you have a passenger back rest, that you also secure the upright pole to the seat back. Although not necessary, this does give you a bit of extra stability and support as well as cut down on wind resistance allowing the flag to be more easily seen.

The upright pole that holds the flag itself actually screws into the bottom of the base. This is an great feature of our motorcycle flags! It allows riders to easily take the flag off if you're going inside for any period of time so that you don't have to worry about it. Simply unscrew the flag and upright pole then roll it up in your backpack or store it in your saddle bags. It's easier than locking up your helmet!

Heavy Duty USA Motorcycle Flags - Specifics

  • Flag size: 11"x15.5" and double sided.
  • In-stock same day shipping.
  • Unscrews from base for easy removal and storage when not in use.
  • High-quality design made for durability and longevity.
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