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Don't Tread On Me Gadsden Cycle Flag

Don't Tread On Me Gadsden Cycle Flag
Item Code: DontTreadonMeCycleFlag

Price: $16.95
Availability: In Stock

Our Gadsden Motorcycle flag features the famous "Don't Tread on Me" slogan and the coiled rattlesnake logo. This heavy duty motorcycle flag comes with our super strong black motorcycle flag pole, making it a great addition to your bike decor. This is a great flag to fly to show your individuality and patriotic resistance to current government politics.

Each Gadsden motorcycle flag comes with a heavy duty two-play Gadsden flag. These two ply flags measure 11 inches by 15.5 inches and the two ply design ensures that both sides are legible. The design is the classic Gadsden design, featuring the coiled striking rattlesnake and the words "Don't Tread on Me." This design has long been used in the United States as a patriotic way of expressing dissent or resistance to the current politics of the government.

For our Gadsden motorcycle flag we've paired this heavy duty flag with our super strong black motorcycle flag pole. Each of these poles attaches to your sissy bar (or wherever else on your bike you want, we recommend the sissy bar because it's easy to attach to, strong and in the back for safety) using 5 tie-wraps that you thread through the holes on the base of the pole. Then, you screw the pole itself into the base and attach the flag. The pole and flag can then easily be removed as you need to interchange with other flags or to secure everything when you park. Simply unscrew the pole and leave the base discreetly attached.

Lots of folks have asked us if two flags will fit on these poles, so that they can fly a USA flag as well as a Gadsden motorcycle flag on their rides. Unfortunately, these poles had to be a bit shorter to cut down on wind resistance, so a second flag won't fit. However, we recommend and have many customers who have gotten the same look by flying a USA flag from one side of their sissy bar and a Gadsden flag from the other. Some people even pair this with the flag from their military service branch or the POW MIA flag. Make sure to check out our full selection of Motorcycle flags to find a combination that fits you best.

Gadsden Cycle Flag Specifics

  • Measures 11 inches by 15.5 inches (standard size).
  • 2 ply premium double-sided car flag.
  • Double- needle lock-stitched lapped-seams throughout for durability.
  • Upper and lower fly length edges reinforced with four-needle lock stitched.
  • Built to be the best cycle flag on the market, we guarantee it.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

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