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Home > Awareness Products > Other > KN95 Protective Face Mask 10 Pack

KN95 Protective Face Mask 10 Pack

KN95 Protective Face Mask 10 Pack
Item Code: kn95protectivefacemask10pack

Price: $54.00
Availability: In Stock
This is a sealed pack of 10. In stock, ready to ship. The K indicates it was made in China. The KN95 Protective Masks provides protection from liquids. The 3-dimensional cut of this mask fits the face tightly to protect against penetration. Elastic Ear Loops for Easy Wear 3-layer Purification *Melt-blown nonwovens. Moderate thickness for particle absorption. High efficient in filtering out particles. *Outer soft non-woven fabric layer Blocks particles and pollen. *Middle soft melt blown-fabric layer Filters out dust, PM2.5, smog and germs. *Inner soft non-woven fabric layer Absorbs exhalation and avoids secondary pollution. ********Due to the worldwide shortage of PPE the premium for facemasks is at an all-time high. We understand the frustration and the lack of U.S. Suppliers has left us with no other option but to fly them in from overseas. So in turn our costs are much higher than normal. But we did want to offer you this option since we find them to be good quality and many places are requiring face masks.

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