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Pink Ribbon Purse Hanger

Pink Ribbon Purse Hanger
Item Code: PinkRibbonPurseHanger1

Price: $14.95
Availability: In Stock
Pink Ribbon Purse Hanger: Purse Hangers Keep Your Purse Safe and Clean: We've all seen it at some point. We're out to eat at our favorite restaurant and we don't have a place to put our purse. We don't want to put it on the floor because (as our mother always told us) the floor is dirty with millions of little bacteria waiting to come home with us. We don't want to put our purse on the back of our chair because someone might steal it. We certainly don't want to put it on our lap because that's just plain uncomfortable. We want an accessory that is handy, something we can travel with that won't take up too much space. We want something that not only is functional but also is stylish and hip. This Pink Ribbon Purse hanger is polished in silver and holds up to 25 pounds it also comes with a stylish black velvet bag.

Pink Ribbon Purse Hanger Specifics

  • Holds up to 25 pounds.
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