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USA Flag Lapel Pin Sterling Silver Large

USA Flag Lapel Pin Sterling Silver Large
Item Code: USAFlagPinSSLarge

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Sale price: $17.95
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Our large sterling silver USA flag pin is the larger version of our popular sterling silver USA flag pin and has the rounded closure. This beautiful pin is an elegant and cost effective way to show your patriotism. Each pin is made from .925 sterling silver with red and blue enamel and measures 17.5 x 17 millimeters.

Each of these large sterling silver USA flag pin is made from solid .925 sterling silver. This gives them a rich and beautiful look designed to wear beautifully for years. Unlike the plating designs of some other knock-offs, these pins won't loose their silver after hard wear, although they might need to be polished occasionally.

This large sterling silver USA flag pin features our popular flying USA flag design. This design has a flowing USA flag attached to a flag pole. The red stripes are embossed with red enamel and the blue star field is filled in with blue enamel. This embossing process helps the enamel stay on and wear longer than simply painting it on does. In addition, the white areas of the design - the stars and white stripes as well as the flag pole - are left to have the white metal of the sterling silver shine through.

This is a great pin for everyone's wardrobe. It is cost effective enough to allow you to wear it without worry on your hat, bike jacket, business lapel or your pin trading jacket. Recently, a friend of ours was traveling abroad. While traveling they brought along a bunch of these pins and gave them as gifts to their hosts and hostesses in the countries they visited as a thank you for housing them. These were such a hit! What could be a more American gift than a flag pin? Plus, because they're sterling silver, they will last for years to come.

Each of these pins closes with the popular rounded back tie tack closure. This backing allows for easy attachment and helps the pin to stay right-side up..

USA Flag Lapel Pin Sterling Silver Large Specifics

  • Measures 17.5mm X 17.00mm
  • Total gram weight: 2.5.
  • Closure is rounded back.
  • Made in the USA.
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