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USA Flag Static Cling Decal

USA  Flag Static Cling Decal
Item Code: USAFlagStaticdecals

Price: $2.95
Availability: In Stock

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! Limited Time Only. It will show one in your cart, but we'll send two. Our American Flag Static Cling Decal is a great way to easily and securely display the USA flag on your car. These static clings use static electricity to stick to the inside of your car (or home) window without the need for any adhesive. When you want to change your look, simply pull it off and store it in a photo album. You can then reuse it again and again.

Because this American flag static cling decal is placed on the inside of your window, it is secure from wind and rain as well as vandals or theft. Our static clings are also UV protected to prevent fading even with direct sunlight. These are a perfect way to show your patriotism without ruining your car windows.

When using your American Flag static cling decal we recommend not placing it on a window that will need to be raised or lowered. Raising and lowering your window will, at best, cause your static cling to peel off and risk being lost. At worst, it can get stuck in the window seal and cause problems with the functioning of your window system. Instead, we recommend placing it on the windows of your car which don't move.

Also, if your car has tinted windows, you may be disappointed if you want to display a American flag static cling decal on one of your windows with tint. We've found that they often don't show through in the way that most people want. If you have tinted windows, we recommend either placing your cling on a front window with less tinting or using one of our adhesive decals or chrome emblems instead.

Each of these American Flag static cling decals measures 4 inches by 6 inches and is proudly made right here in the United States, keeping these jobs at home.

To store your static cling in-between display usage, we recommend using one of those old-style photo albums with the sticky plastic pages. Simply place your static cling on top of the page (without lifting the plastic) and it should cling just like it would to your window.

If at any time your static cling stops clinging as well as it should, try washing it in mild soapy water. The grease from your fingers can cause it to loose it's static charge. Washing this grease off can help restore it. Also, make sure that the window you're displaying it on is clean as well, dust and dirt can interfere with the static clinging.

American Flag Static Cling Decal Specifics

  • Measures 4"X 6"
  • Proudly made in the USA.
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