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Home > Boat Section > U.S. Yacht Anchor Flag 20in x 30in

U.S. Yacht Anchor Flag 20in x 30in

U.S. Yacht Anchor Flag 20in x 30in
Item Code: USYachtAnchorFlag20x30

Price: $5.95
Availability: In Stock
U.S. Yacht Anchor Flag 20in x 30in:Durable Printed Super knit Polyester Flag with 2 Grommets for is specifically made for the outdoor use. The U.S. yacht ensign is a variant of the national ensign in which the union consists of thirteen stars in a ring surrounding a fouled anchor set diagonally. It was authorized by Congress in 1848 on the recommendation of the commodore of the New York Yacht Club as a signal to be flown by yachts holding special licenses from the Secretary of the Treasury so that they could be exempted from having to enter with or clear customs every time they put out to or returned from sea. Although it was intended to be merely a signal flag, the US Yacht Ensign was nevertheless popularly used as an ensign in the days when sloops regularly plied the Hudson. And it's just as popular today, if not more so. The design was prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy and introduced into use in 1849. Check out our full selection of high quality Flags.

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