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American Flag Lapel Pin 14K White Gold

American Flag Lapel Pin 14K White Gold
Item Code: AmericanFlagLapelPin14KWGold

Price: $189.95
Availability: In Stock

Our White Gold American Flag Pin is a lighter version of our popular 14k gold design and a wonderful way to show your patriotism. Each of these pins measures 14 mm x 14.5 mm and looks great on your lapel, jacket or hat. Made from 14k white gold, the red, white and blue of the American flag is beautifully offset by the bright metal.

While our yellow gold version is more traditional, we've found that more and more of our customers prefer this white gold design because the lighter metal color makes the stars and white strips shine and better catch the light. With white gold and platinum becoming more and more popular as a jewelry and accent pieces, this pin has even more to match.

This pin makes a great gift for the committed patriot in your life, whether it's your mom or the senator who lives next door.

The design of this white gold American flag pin is simple and elegant, featuring a flowing American flag on a flagpole. Red and blue enamel make up the red stripes and the blue field of stars. The white stripes and the white stars of the flag are made by allowing the natural brilliance of the metal to shine through. The pole is also done in white gold, making for a lovely overall look.

Each of these white gold American flag pins features a Tie Tack clutch on the back. This style of clutch is idea for both men and women. Great for use as a lapel pin or broach for women, the tie tack style clutch secures this pin to your clothes with a minimum of puncture spots. For men, this can also be used on a lapel or suit, or use it as a tie tack by itself.

Each of these pins measures 14 millimeters by 14.5 millimeters and weighs 1.37 grams (or .88 DWT). We are also proud to bring you this design, made right here in America. We believe in showing your patriotism in all ways, from wearing patriotic pins and jewelry to ensuring that those items help keep jobs here in the USA.

14k White Gold American Flag Pin Specifics

  • Measures 14mm X 14.5mm.
  • Weight: 0.88 DWT (1.37 grams).
  • Tie Tack Clutch for secure and easy attaching.
  • Made in America.
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