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Home > Car Flags > Diplomatic Car Flags > Magnetic Diplomat-Super High Speed Driving-Chrome 81 MPH

Magnetic Diplomat-Super High Speed Driving-Chrome 81 MPH

Magnetic Diplomat-Super High Speed Driving-Chrome 81 MPH
Item Code: macarflpodi

Price: $249.95
Availability: In Stock
This Diplomatic magnetic car flag pole is made from stainless steel with a chrome ball. For the best appearance, we have polished the surface and finishing is done with shining chrome. To protect your vehicle paint, we have coated the super-magnet with Santoprene (rubber). Santoprene is registered and own by Exxon Mobil. Santoprene elastomer possesses (rubber) has the same levels of flexibility and durability that are commonly found with natural rubber compounds. Because of the longer life of Santoprene elastomer (rubber) in both extreme hot and cold environments (80 F to 275 F). It will stick reliably to your car, even at a speed of to 81 MPH. These stainless-Steel magnetic flag poles are designed to be easily attached and removed without modifications to your car. Simply place the strong magnet on a smooth, clean surface. This stainless-Steel magnetic flag pole can be changed quickly from one vehicle to another one. The upper chrome ball can be screwed off which lets you change the flags easily. Sorry flag is not included. They are the same magnetic car poles used by numerous diplomats and consulates. A diplomatic flag is a flag used by a sovereign state engaging in diplomacy which is different from the nation's normal national flag. Some nations also have personal flags that are used by their diplomatic representatives, such as the U.S. Foreign Service flags Total height: 14.57 inch. Diameter magnet: 3.46 inch. Diameter pole: 0.24 inch. Diameter ball:0.98 inch in chrome. Satisfaction Guaranteed. In business since 1996. If you would like a custom made flag for this mount, no problem. Email us at : sales@flagsoncars.com and we will gladly help you.

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